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Our Repair Process Explained

Here is a step by step guide of a repair process carried out to repair large scratches and damage on a front bumper.

  • 1
    check and asses the damage

    The first step in our repair process is to check and asses the damage and to see what we need to complete the repair. I this example we have damage to the top and bottom of the offside bumper.

  • 2
    sand down & apply filler

    The next step in the repair process is to sand down the damage and if needed we would apply filler to any dents or deep gouges, no filler was needed in this repair so we move on to the next stage.

  • 3
    clean and degrease

    From here we clean and degrease the area fully and mask up those areas that we don't won't to paint and then apply the primer coat.

  • 4
    prepare for base coat colour

    The primer is dried using infra red dryers and then sanded smooth in preparation for the base coat colour. The next step involves mixing the colour from the information on the vehicles colour code and our paint mixing database and then applying the base coat..

  • 5
    apply lacquer coat

    Once the base coat has fully dried we then apply the lacquer coat that gives the repair its final deep glossy look and seals and protects the paint finish.

The Completed Repair Process

The Repair process is now fully complete.

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